“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Numerology –  decoding personal vibrations

Numerology is a practical, surprising and reliable tool that helps improve our quality of life by being aware of ‘who’ we really are.

Numerology origins date back to the Babylonian, Phoenician and Hebrew civilizations. Pythagoras (580-520 BC), Greek mathematician and philosopher, was the first to organize this vast field of knowledge in a scientific theory, according to which numbers govern everything that has been created. Pythagoras claimed that “Words have a sound that vibrates in tune with the frequency of numbers.”

Assuming that everything can be expressed in numerical terms, numerology studies numbers, their hidden meaning and their influence on each one of us, through the numbers present in our date of birth and in our name. This reveals the different aspects of the human personality, the character and life experiences through a method of decoding and interpretation.

The numerological study has a psychological and a predictive aspect.

The psychological part provides information about essence, the inner part of the self. It is a very useful tool that enables us to have a rational image of the most abstract self.

The predictive part indicates the energies and stages that will be present at different stages of a life path, the trends and obstacles. The main changes that will occur and the development of the human being through these stages.

Personal Numerology Analysis:

Numerology Analysis:  provides a general description of the personality and skills as well as life lessons and cycles to be found throughout life. It provides a rational image of the essence of the self, the mind, behaviors, natural talents, spiritual challenges and main outlines of necessary learning.

Developed Numerology Analysis: includes the previous report but it also shows in-depth,  the behaviors, describing in detail, trends and mechanisms when confronting stressful situations or aspects of disharmony, and indicates how to harmonize them.

Predictive Numerology Analysis: gives the guidelines of the energy the client will encounter over the years, months or specific calendar days.

Compatibility Analysis: indicates the different traits of the personality that each of two individuals have (couples, parent-child relationships, partners, etc.) by analyzing the degree of compatibility. Similarly, it identifies areas that are incompatible in order that the client may become aware of them and avoid “harming” the relationship, paying attention to the areas where agreements will be necessary.

Analysis on a chosen name (for a baby or a company): analyzes the characteristics of several names with their effects and vibrations. It indicates the most appropriate name according to the influences that the person wants to achieve. The report provides a choice of up to 3 names.

Included in the price of the analysis is a follow up call or meeting to better understand the content. Depending on the location of the client, this can be one to one, by phone or via Skype.

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