2018 Vibrations

The Ultimate Happiness Formula.

Nora Ghellab, Ibiza.

The beginning of the New Year is a time when we usually resolve to change undesired traits or behaviours, decide to accomplish a new personal goal, or improve something in our life. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t.

Have you ever wonderd why?

Knowing the vibration that the year holds can help us succeed in our endeavours.

2018 brings the energy of the master number 11. Last time we experience a Universal year 11, was in 2009 and before that 1910. So most of us will only experience this specific vibration twice in our life time.

11 is a magical number, the most intuitive of all, it is referred to as the number of revelation, representing dreams made manifest, enlightenment and inspiration attained through our intuition. It demands that the energy of the double 1 (leadership, personal power, innovation and self-confidence) be applied to transforming the world through the use of spiritual knowledge. The potential for growth, stability and personal power in a year 11, lies on the acceptance of intuitive understanding.


“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become“.

Steve Jobs

The potential for growth, stability and personal power in a year 11, lies on the acceptance of intuitive understanding.

A year 11 requires excellence and altruism, a high vibration that at times can be too intense and exhausting.  A vibration at times difficult to sustain, that will then  shift to a number 2 vibration (1+1=2); bringing the energy of collaboration, partnership, diplomacy, sensitivity, tolerance and love.

As you can see Master numbers are a paradox, as they seem to conflict with themselves; but the hidden truth behind their paradox is the potential for integration and evolution.


So in simple words, what does 2018 have in store for us?


“Knowing the vibration that the year holds can help us succeed in our endeavours”

2018 will be intense, under its influence you will be urged to act upon yourself, your dreams, your goals and your life in general.

It is a pushing energy that exhorts you to go ahead, to achieve things not only for you but for a greater purpose.  It is a year of opposites and turbulences that will bring more challenges, for this reason you could experience a heightened sense of anxiety and feel overwhelmed. Think of 2018 not as a race but as a marathon during which you will have to learn to pace yourself, to be flexible and alternate leadership with collaboration. This is a year that pushes you to build secure and stable foundations and coming together with others.  A year where egocentric behaviours will encounter difficulties whereas determination combined with  love, humility, patience, respect and focusing on others rather than ourselves, will open doors.

Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of travelling.” M. Runbeck

In order to have the full picture of the energy you will encounter this year, you also need to know the vibration of your personal year. The trend of the Universal year is like the scenery you are driving trough. Your personal year is the vehicle you will be driving.

To calculate your personal year, add you day and month of birth to the current year

For example if you were born on March 17


1+7+3+2+0+1+8= 22


Your personal year would be a year 4


Your short outline of personal years in 2018


Personal year 1 

A new chapter in your life, a new beginning. This is the perfect time to start new ventures or a new job, and to really begin laying the foundation for what you want to achieve.

Personal year 2

Patience and cooperation are the key words for this year. You are going to be in harmony with the universal vibrations of this year, which means you are really going to have a great head start. Your year will be focused on partnership, whether business, social or romantic.

Personal year  3

Expression is the key word for you. Get your ideas, thoughts, and feelings out there. Share your truth and connect to your intuitive voice. Be creative and express you true self.

Personal year 4

Working towards your goal and taking responsibility for what you want to achieve are the key words for you. It is also a year to plan, to be organised and to move forward. Ground yourself and follow your instincts.

Personal year 5

Creativity, fun and changes are your key words.  Travelling and new studies will open your horizons. Make sure you enjoy yourself and take time to relax in nature this year.

Personal year 6

Relationship with your family, tribe and community as well as focusing on your heath are the key words for 2018. Create a sense of “family” in your life, work on building a strong support team around you and take time to look after your wellbeing, mind, body, and soul.

Personal year 7

Spiritual and emotional growths are on the agenda for you. This is the perfect time to learn new things and keep an open mind about everything. Listen to your inner voice and develop your psychic or intuitive gifts.

Personal year 8

A year to reap what you sow in the past. The trend of the year will depend on the work you have put in in the past 7 years.  Any endeavours you set your mind to this year has the potential to be achieved if you trust your intuition and make it about “us” instead of “me”

Personal year 9

The end of a 9 year cycle. A time for closure and to tie up loose ends. Your keys words are endings and releasing to prepare for the new.


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