About Odysseia

The journey of Nora Ghellab

Nora is an intuitive and caring person. Vision and passion are the basis of her innovative methods for serving others. Her purpose is to inspire, motivate, support and help people realise every human’s birth right: to live a fulfilled and happy life, guiding and encouraging them to be aware of their potential to live such a life.

Having grown up in a multicultural environment, across several countries in Europe and Africa, Nora was already bilingual by the age of six.  Mastering four languages before the age of twenty.

The nomadic childhood awakened a taste for immersing herself in other cultures. Thus, observing and understanding human beings from the environment in which they live through their customs and philosophy.

Even as a teenager, Nora knew there was “something more” than the 3D reality we live in. Although she is a down to earth, rational and logical person at the same time Nora has deep spiritual beliefs with very personal ideas about the purpose of life.

She chose an education focused on philosophy, humanistics and languages. Then worked in the service industry as a result of her passion for communication with others. This training added to her aptitude for languages ​​and communication. Nora’s ability to adapt to new environments and situations have led to opportunities working in Europe, North and South America. She settled for 16 years in Uruguay where she became a successful entrepreneur and raised two children.

This was also the place that allowed Nora to delve deeper into the mysteries of life and gave her the opportunity to study and grasp esoteric and metaphysical matters. Including Kabala, Alchemy, plants as ancient remedies with maestro Julio Stelardo, Merkaba with chamana Dana Tir, Reconnection with Eric Pearl as well as dowsing and energy related subjects with dowser Javier Pereira. Her Cartesian mind led her to train as a numerologist and later as a facilitator of a bio-psycho energetic technique using tuning forks. Her curious mind also led her to train in superior Quiro –massage, to explore and  have a better knowledge and understanding of the amazing anatomical and physiological properties that rules the human body.

The odyssey that began as a personal investigation gradually became a useful tool for helping others around her. Besides her business in the service industry, she opened an alternative therapy consultation practice. Without realizing it at the time Nora had begun ‘ life coaching’.

Since returning to Europe, Nora has continued her studies and is using the accumulation of her knowledge to present

I.Unify©, a powerful course and workshop that re centers the human being in its full potential and greatness helping him/her take consciousness out of the limitations of only seeing our 3D reality.

As well as, continuing to offer her highly successful I.Tuning© Sessions and popular Numerology Analysis.

“Through Odysseia I aim to help people navigate their journey to a more conscious, fulfilled and happy life.”  


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